The Routes

Montagu is the official home of Eroica South Africa, and our routes will stay the same for the foreseeable future. Our three beautiful vintage bike gravel routes have been named after the Keisie, Kogman and Kingna rivers that meet in the spectacular Montagu valley. From now on we will have an additional Nova Eroica race route as well, that takes modern gravel bike riders all the way north to Touwsriver and back. 

Kingna - 50km

Our shortest route follows gravel farm roads along the pastoral Kingna river valley to the east, to a special ‘water’ stop at the Kingna Distillery. Then after a short stint on the R62 tar road, you get back onto farm roads all the way into town, and straight to the festival venue for some good food. This route is aimed at introducing newcomers to the ideology of Eroica, and therefore we allow non-vintage bikes to participate too. But of course we appreciate every effort that is made to comply with the vintage spirit of our event. So please bring friends and family to come and join us on this lovely jaunt around Montagu.

Starting at 8:30 on 17 March 2018 from our Eroica Festival venue

Kogman - 90km

This option follows the 50km Kingna route until you get back into town, and head straight out again towards the north-west and into the Baden area. Here it gets beautiful, and a little tougher with some steep gravel climbs and downhills. But there is a great reward - after a short portage section with some thorns and singletrack, you’ll arrive at the remote Pietersfontein dam. The brave and hot amongst you can clamber down to the water for a swim before descending the dam wall down some narrow concrete steps. You’ll have to carry your bike, so please be careful. From the bottom, you start your return to town.

Starting at 8:00 on 17 March 2018 from our Eroica Festival venue

Keisie - 140km

Our longest route takes us north-east and up the gruesome Ouberg Pass, after which we start heading west around the Langeberg-Wes mountains. This gravel route gets really isolated and wild before we meet the tarmac and start heading south again, first down the Rooihoogte Pass, followed by the Burgers Pass, and then a fast roll into town. Providing there’s no headwind of course! Please take care along this tar section back to Montagu.

Starting at 7:30 on 17 March 2018 from our Eroica Festival venue

Nova - 185 km

This is our race route for the newly introduced enduro-style racing category called Nova Eroica. This category is open to modern gravel bikes, and follows the Keisie route up the brutal Ouberg Pass, after a turn north takes racers all the way to Touwsrivier. Here they turn back south towards the Langeberg-Wes mountains where they turn east to meet the tarmac that takes them down the Rooihoogte and Burgers Passes back into the finish in Montagu.

Starting at 5:30 on 18 March 2018 from our Eroica Festival venue

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