16:00 to 20:00 - Registration is open at the Montagu Museum Art & Culture Centre on the corner of Kohler and Long streets, Montagu. Light refreshments and drinks will be on sale.

06:00 to 09:00 - Registration is open again, but please register as early as you can. Coffee and pastries will be available.
07:30 - Eroica Classic 135km starts
08:00 - NOVA Eroica race starts
08:30 - Eroica Classic 90km starts
09:00 - Eroica Classic 45km starts
10:00 onwards - Eroica Festival officially open
18:00 or so - Closing of festival, prize-giving and farewell speech
19:30 Our official Eroica dinner is served (get in touch if you would like to book for this)

08:00 onwards - Informal ride around town and a farewell breakfast at The Barn on 62.



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